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A Quick Air Purifier Buying Guide

If you are highly sensitive to pollutants such as smoke, pollen, dust and odor, it is crucial to invest in a good quality air purifier. The following are some tips to consider when purchasing an air purifier.

Before you start your shopping, it is important to understand your air needs in order to select the best air purifier model for you. There are air purifiers designed to remove specific pollutants only, hence knowing what you want to filter will help you make the right buying decision. The first type of filter is the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) which is recognized for filtering out pet dander, dust, allergens and human dander. The other type of filter is the carbon unit which works well to filter out volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as cooking, human and pet odors. There is also the ozone generators which are used to filter out some indoor air pollutants.

Check out the size of the room where you are looking to install your air purifier beforehand. It should fit in the rooms that you want to purify. When you have the right measurement of the area, you will be able to select an air purifier that matches coverage needs. For effective air cleaning, choose a portable air purifier so that you can dedicate to filtering one room at a time.

Check the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) which is the measurement of the total volume of air that can be purified in one hour. With a high Clean Air Delivery Rate, a volume of air will be purified from a particular pollutant.

Check out the features of the indoors air purifier and make sure that they are important for your needs. With the right additional features, your air purifier will be more effective and have greater performance. The best air purifiers will have added features such as; programmable timers, multiple fans, servicing indicator, a carrying handle and remote control.

Noise level is another key consideration when you are choosing your indoors air purifier. When most air purifiers are turned to high fan speed, they do their job efficiently but generate high loud noise. Therefore, test the noise level of the unit in various fan speeds and see if you are comfortable with it.

After choosing a purifier with the right noise level, be sure to check its maintenance and upkeep needs. You should take into consideration the frequency for which you need to replace your filters. The replacement cost for different models may also vary and you need to find the most convenient for your situation. For more convenience, look for purifiers that requires replacement for one combination filter or those that d not require filter replacements.

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